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How to pick the right Hand Sanitizer for your needs


Our shared experience with this novel virus, can be summarized as:

Everybody was at risk, no one was spared unless they isolated and kept their social contacts to a minimum, and even then this virus found its way into almost anywhere there were people, and besides what it cost in lives and well-being, there was and remains far-reaching economic and societal damage which may never be fully understood or measured’

For some, there may never be any way to fully compensate for the losses they have been endured. Bottom line? Nobody wants to go through anything like this any time soon and the means of personal protection and effective social distancing now have a value, almost beyond measure.


We’re now in the first post Covid 19 phase, and we are not only looking to get ready for the next epidemic, but figure out the most effective ways of incorporate virus defence practices and products into our life-style to reduce risk to ourselves, and those around us. The market of ideas and products is working overtime on providing various answers, if not solutions to these questions. So we see a growing demand for facial masks, shields, gloves, and hand sanitizers and that is as it should be – if we have learned anything from our first round with Covid 19.

There are other defences. Probably the most under-rated one is firstly: washing your hands in soap and water frequently (soap lyses the soft protein shell of viruses and they basically ‘fall apart’ and cease functioning); and secondly when soap and water aren’t readily available – alcohol-based hand sanitizers can destroy viruses if they are properly formulated and used. We’re used to seeing hand sanitizers in hospitals, but now it seems one can’t practice medicine or dentistry without hand sanitizers stationed at key points in clinical areas. Hand sanitizers have also spread to public buildings, restaurants, show rooms, or any other facility where people gather. This trend may wane over time with better virus infection treatments, and vaccines; but virus protection measures are likely to be with us for the foreseeable future. The truth is that not all viruses are deadly or cause illnesses, the ‘science’ on viruses is that as long as there is life on this planet, viruses will remain an essential catalyst and medium for the very processes of life. In fact, if viruses ceased to exist, then so would we.


Now what about hand sanitizers, and which one is right for you? (coming soon)

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