PCxx® Dental Products

Besides regular visits to your dentist and hygienist, there is a lot you can do at home to maintain your oral health by supplementing regular brushing and flossing with professional-grade brush-on fluoride and remineralizing gels.  Talk with your dental professional to determine if these supplementary home dental products are right for you.  Most dental offices can supply you with, or order these products for you.  


Regular brushing with a ‘remin’ or remineralizing gel containing light fluoride, calcium and phosphate can help strengthen teeth, protect tooth enamel and reduce teeth sensitivity.  Smooth natural Ice Mint flavour.


PCxx® 0.5% F+ Neutral HOME Gel 

If your dentist or hygienist recommends regular fluoride treatments; this is the product for you. Brush-on gel helps strengthen tooth enamel, and aids in the prevention of caries. No flavour, with no fluoride after-taste.


PCxx® PURE Dry Mouth Spray * (coming soon)

Dry mouth syndrome can affect a lot of people, under varying circumstances; caused by a reduction to some degree of loss of saliva flow.  There are many causes, some medical, and some having to do with travel, personal pre-disposition under certain circumstances, natural aging, being super active, or just by playing hard and living life to the full.  Whatever the cause, the reduction of saliva flow can not only be uncomfortable, it can cause various issues which can affect the health of tooth enamel, gums and even disturb the pH balance in your, mouth which in turn –  can lead to bad breath.  

There are several dry mouth sprays, and rinse or gel  dry-mouth relief products on the market today. Here’s why PCxx® PURE dry mouth spray is different, and may be more effective for you:

  • delivers immediate, long-lasting relief from dry-mouth with a convenient, pocket/purse sized (60 ml) spray 
  • formulation has been tested against competitors by independent scientific third parties, and shown to work as a highly effective, if not one the ‘best’ ‘artificial saliva’ products available
  • made from natural source ingredients without any ‘drug’ additives; in fact the this dry mouth relief product is  made from food grade, safe ingredients
  • not only relieves dry mouth, but helps bring your oral pH into balance which helps protect tooth enamel and interferes in the build-up of plaque between tooth brushing and flossing. 
  • long lasting formula which spread out and gently coats out on teeth and soft oral tissue which helps lubricate and clean your mouth; so its a great pocket-sized breath freshener, and personal oral care product for use between brushing, flossing or rinsing.  You can actually feel the coating on your teeth right after you spray, and it can last for hours until the next convenient spray
  • because the surface-active formulation has both a lubricating and cleaning action, PCxx® PURE dry mouth spray is also ideal for helping to keep orthodontic braces, and other dental appliances clean and comfortable in your mouth
  • our experience has been that many users prefer PCxx® PURE over other products; and its not only a high-performance dry mouth relief product but its also a great breath freshener, in-between-brushings oral care device you can take with you virtually anywhere

* Previously test marketed under the name ‘Oracare – D’

Will be available only in Canada at first; for additional information on any of our products, or to find a dealer:  Email or Call us at 1-800-663-8303