Why PCxx™

Not all Dental Fluorides are the same:

  • The professional case for using the best available premium dental fluorides is:  the cost of the  fluoride per treatment is relatively insignificant compared to the potential returns from regular visits, and improved treatment compliance and patient satisfaction.  It can pay to prescribe PCxx™ Premium Dental Fluorides in your practice. 
  • PCxx™ Professional Fluorides offer the widest choice of flavours and delivery systems available,, including 14 One Minute Gels, 7  Neutral Gels, 9 APF Foams, plus a wide variety of In-Office fluoride rinses, and prophylactic pastes.
  • Our gels offer true thixotropic gel performance, and the formulation of our foams help spread the active ingredients spread quickly over tooth enamel and into inter-proximal spaces; enhancing Fluoride uptake.
  • Our fluoride formulations, including our popular Neutral No-Flavour gels and foams, leave no ‘after-taste’.   
  • Our gels and foams are stable and won’t leak out of the dental tray, for a more comfortable fluoride treatment experience.  
  • Our In-office Rinse Kits come in an APF version,  a Dual Rinse combination of  Stannous + Sodium Fluoride, and a Neutral Fluoride formulation.  All of our rinses have, mild, gentle easy-to-take flavours.  
  • PCxx™ or ‘Ross’ dental fluorides are known for their quality and have the highest rate of patient acceptance, as reported from countless dental professionals  for over 20 years.  
  • PCxx™ products come with a full, ‘no hassle’  refund guarantee.  If for any reason, you are not satisfied with the performance, flavour or any aspect of our PCxx™ Premium Fluorides, we will either replace the product at no charge, or provide a full refund.
  • Ross Healthcare has an extensive network of dealers across North America who sell and support PCxx™ Professional Fluorides.  

To find a dealer, or for more information call 1.800.663.8303.