Mercon™ Features & Benefits

  • Mercon ™ solutions simply work.
  • Mercon ™ products do not contain any hazardous materials.
  • The solutions work in 3 ways to eliminate and/or significantly reduce the environmental impact of mercury:
  • First, when sprayed or washed on mercury and/or mercury-contaminated surfaces, immediately the emission of mercury vapour stops; likewise mercury-rich materials in soil, water, building, equipment and pipeline surfaces will stop emitting vapour.
  • Second, during the agitation, washing or pumping processes involved with clean-up, the mercury debris or droplets of mercury are attracted to and stay in contact with and react with the  active ingredients in Mercon™  solutions.
  • Third, there is a longer-term reaction with the surfaces of the mercury or mercury-rich materials which prevents vapour emission until finally; all of the mercury is converted to an insoluble, stable compound (its original stable state as found in nature).
  • Mercon™ solutions offer a cost-effective means for cleaning up mercury-contaminated sites, pipelines, pumping equipment, buildings, drilling platforms, mine sites and industrial plants.   Designed to work as a reliable clean-up technology for remediation contractors, oil and gas process equipment and platforms, maintenance crews and clean-up specialists, Mercon™ is easy to apply.  
  • Clean up kits and solutions available for small spill control at home, or in the work place.  
  • Mercon™ has been used successfully by major corporations, government agencies, and remediation specialists world-wide for over 25 years.  DO NOT ACCEPT SUBSTITUTIONS; they may not work effectively to stop mercury vapour or decontaminate mercury.  If in doubt have a qualified hazardous waste technician measure for ambient mercury vapour before and after application of any clean up technology, with a calibrated mercury-vapour-reader to ensure your safety and the safety of others during, and after using remediation products, other than Mercon™ solutions made by us.    To be mercury safe, and meet modern regulatory standards, use Mercon™.  There are no equivalents.