Amalgam Safety Products

Dental Offices encounter mercury-rich materials in the course of treating various patients, whether that involves working with new or old amalgams.  The ADA recommends certain precautions and office maintenance procedures be taken to prevent the release of elemental and organic forms of mercury into the office, the waste water system and the environment.  The potentially harmful impact of waste mercury in all of its forms is, by now, well known.  We offer a line of products to help keep you, your staff and the environment mercury safe.  Our products are easy to use, cost-effective and are used by a growing number of dental offices to control the release of Hg vapour; and to keep drainage systems, work surfaces and tools mercury safe.

MERCONtainer Safe Amalgam StorageOpen MERCONtainer showing Merconvap impregnated sponge475 ml mercury and waste amalgam storage container.  Plastic container, with self-sealing top, with as pecialsponge insert containing ‘Merconvap’ which helps stop the emission of Hg vapour.