Mercury Safety

MERCON™ for mercury (Hg) vapour control and decontamination.   

We can have a cleaner, safer, awesome environment
Protect our awesome environment Be mercury safe  

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We offer complete solutions, kits, and selected Hg safety supplies to help keep the work place, and the environment safe and in compliance with modern regulatory standards.  We supply cost-effective mercury remediation and safety solutions for industry, the environment, amalgam safety, home spill clean-up, and mercury protection anywhere Hg-rich materiel may be present.  The MERCON™ product line includes:


  • MERCON™ mercury safety, and decontamination products are available from many Safety and Industrial Supply Dealers throughout the USA and Canada.  Questions, need to place an order, or need to find a dealer?  Email us or Call us at 1-800-663-8303