Mercury Spill Kits

Complete Mercury vapour control, decontamination and safety complianceMercon.kits 011

MERCON® mercury spill kits offer you with an effective, quick and safe way to suppress mercury vapour, and decontaminate mercury. Our spill kits come in different sizes to to handle small spills at home, or large facility and/or industrial clean-ups.  Proven to work in thousands of setting for over 20 years.  The recognized leader in mercury vapour control, remediation and mercury safety and compliance products.

MERCON® kit 1

Mercury Safety Station, wall-mountable metal cabinet,  –  meets OSHA Mercury Safety Guidelines,  handles spills, stops mercury vapor and decontaminates. Industrial users, recyclers and clean-up and maintenance teams get all of the essential tools and solutions to safely deal mercury spills in labs, chemical plants, power stations, refineries and other sites where mercury may be present.

Part # 20-MKIT-1 Includes:

    • MERCON Mercury Aspirator
    • MERCONspray (250ml)
    • MERCONtainer x 2 (475ml)
    • MERCONvap (475ml)
    • MERCONwipes (70)
    • 1 pr Safety goggles
    • 2 pr Nitrile Gloves
    • Disposal Bags (2)
    • Mercury Spill information pamphlet
    • Mercury Waste Labels
    • Wall Mounting Metal Case

MERCON® kit 2

Portable Spill Kit  – Complete Spill Control in a light portable case. Same as MERCON® KIT I  above. Designed for lightness, portability and compatibility in moving vehicles.  Comes in HD cardboard case with carrying handle for .  Ideal for Hazmat teams.

  • Part # 20-MKIT-2
  • Includes: Same components as Kit I, except case is made of Hard cardboard w/ plastic carrying handle.


Small mercury Spill Kit – For cleaning up smaller spills and stopping mercury vapor emission. Kit contain all the right ingredients to handle 1 or 2 small spills.  Ideal for in-home use or as a stand-by kit for occasional small spills in medical, dental and scientific facilities.

  • Part # 20-MKIT-3 Includes:
    • MERCON Mercury Aspirator
    • MERCONvap (250ml)
    • MERCONtainer (475ml)
    • 1 pr Safety goggles
    • 2 pr Nitrile Gloves
    • Disposal Bags (2)
    • Mercury Spill information pamphlet
    • Mercury Waste Labels
    • Case is  cardboard w/ plastic carrying handle

MERCON® drum

Industrial Spill Control

A self-contained clean-up, and mercury materials storage kit for larger spills. Simplify and effectively stop the emission of mercury vapor, clean up mercury spills, store and safely transport Hg clean-up residue, tools and wipes for disposal at an approved hazmat facility.   Drum Can be sealed and disposed of as mercury waste.

  • 20-MDRUM-20L Includes:
    • 4 liter MerconVAP mercury decontamination and vapour control solution
    • 2-250ml MerconSPRAY for suppressing vapour during clean-up
    • Mercon Mercury Aspirator for picking up HG droplets
    • 1 pr Safety Goggles, 1 pr Gloves
    • Disposal Bag
    • 1 Scoop, 1 Brush
    • 1 Squeegee
    • Mercury Spill Information Pamphlet

CAUTION: Results may vary and depend on site conditions and other factors particular to each clean-up situation. Always consult with a qualified environmental clean-up professional prior to, during and after clean-up to ensure that all work safety and environmental standards are being met by your project. Ross Healthcare Inc. is not the final user, applicator or contractor using any Mercon™ products and is not responsible for the application, field performance or any results from the use, application of any of its products or information; and does not offer any warranties regarding the use of its products by others. Users, applicators and contractors must rely on their own tests, procedures and on-site assessments to ensure that their use of Mercon™ products is safe, legal and meets governing environmental and health regulations as well as their performance requirements.